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World's Fastest Platinum Trophy Pulled From PSN

Easy Platinum Trophy
(Image credit: Top Rated)

Sony loves it when people earn trophies while playing PlayStation games. I mean, the whole point is that they're there to be earned... right? Well, not one particular platinum trophy that seems to have peeved off the heads at Sony, causing it to get pulled from PSN.

According to Eurogamer, the game [star symbol] 1000 Top Rated was pulled from the PlayStation Store shortly after the game was made available on PSN. The article notes that Sony requested the developer to change the name of the game and to remove the advertising suggesting that it offers the easiest to earn platinum trophy for the PlayStation 4.

The original advertisement for the game said that not only did it have the easiest PS4 platinum trophy to earn, but that it could be done within just the span of 20 minutes worth of playtime. Additionally, the game only cost $0.98 and is a puzzle sliding game where players slide images around.

The actual gameplay is a lot more basic than you might be imagining (or maybe not). You simply slide around art photos to complete the levels. If this sounds like a really easy and simplistic game that's because it is. The minute long trailer that was posted over on the Top Rated YouTube channel basks in the tagline of being "The World's Fastest Platinum Trophy Game", which seems to be the major hook for the title.

Sony wasn't the only one who was unimpressed with the game. If you check the like/dislike bar a lot of PlayStation fans see right through the game as a cheap way to earn a trophy.

However, Eurogamer believes there's a bit more to it than just Top Rated using this as a means to give gamers an opportunity to quickly earn a platinum trophy on the PlayStation 4. The article hints at the game being little more than an advertisement for Top Rated's other venture: selling PlayStation 4 themes.

The art-sliding and simple puzzle solving centered around 4K images and backgrounds actually seems to tie into what Eurogamer mentions. The tile puzzles featured in the game coincide with the PlayStation 4 themes they sell through their Facebook page.

Many believe it's just an advertising gimmick to get people to check out their PS4 themes. Others think it's just a cash-in game designed to make a quick buck. Some people are saying "Why not both?"

It's not hard to see why Sony would come down on the title given that it easily diminishes the value of the platinum trophy, and seeks to undermine the quality of software offered on the PlayStation Store.

Even though Sony had the title removed from the store, there are now questions about quality control and whether or not Sony needs to start cracking down on games that aren't really games. While some people may have ragged on titles like Everybody's Gone to the Rapture or Gone Home for being walking simulators, there's a huge difference between paying $20 for a walking sim that gives you a couple of hours worth of an experience, and a tile-slider that's just a front for a PS4 theme outlet.

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