The PlayStation 4 Pro is due for release on November 10th, in two month's time. The console has generated some buzz, both positive and negative for a number of reasons. The positives are great, but the negatives have given us reason to be concerned about the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Given that there's a lot of buzz and a lot of chatter going around about the console, its ability to play games at 4K resolution, the ability to take advantage of high-dynamic range rendering, and it's beefier specs for VR gaming, here at CinemaBlend we figured we would discuss the 5 reasons to be concerned about the PS4 Pro and what that might mean for you as a gamer when it's time to pick up the console or if you're weighing your options as to whether or not it's worth picking up. So let's get started.

5. The Processor Is Not A Long Term Solution

AMD is still providing the core CPU architecture for the PS4 Pro. We knew this going in well ahead of the announcement at the PlayStation Meeting because Sony had already made it known that the PS4 Neo (its name at the time) would be fully compatible with all of the vanilla PS4's software and accessories. However, AMD has upgraded the octocore CPU to run at 2.1ghz per core, according to Ars Technica.

While the bump up in clock speed is nice, the overall performance is still far behind that of the average low-power i5 PC. Processing power was one of the biggest issues that Ubisoft ran into with Assassin's Creed Unity on the PS4. Previous benchmarks also showed that the PS4 had trouble keeping up with the PS3's Cell processor. 500 extra megahertz on the clock certainly helps, but those specs are already years old compared to what's currently on the market, and it's not much of a long-term solution for the longevity of the PS4 Pro.

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