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Overwatch Finally Makes Doomfist Official, And His Origin Trailer Is Awesome

After months of speculation, tons of hype, some celebrity involvement from actors Terry Crews and The Rock, Blizzard Entertainment has finally made the long-rumored Overwatch hero, Doomfist, official... and his origin trailer is awesome.

The new Overwatch trailer is an anime-style short featuring the long-rumored Doomfist facing off against members of Overwatch, including Winston, Tracer and Genji. He makes quick work of Winston with a single punch; both Genji and Tracer prove to be a lot more difficult for him to deal with. He uses nearby debris and cars to throw at the two agile agents, but Genji manages to slice the cars out of the air and Tracer teleports around to avoid getting hit.

After using his fist to create a shockwave on the ground, Doomfist is finally able to get in a single punch on Genji, damaging his suit and sending him flying back into a car. All the meanwhile a narrator talks about how each battle helps define who we are and make us stronger in the process. This narration is juxtaposed with a flashback of Doomfist in a room punching on a wall without his super-enhanced bionic arm; we see newspaper clippings littered on the floor, shaking with every punch he throws and every crack he makes.

The battle culminates in Doomfist ripping off Tracer's chrono-accelerator and Winston going into rage mode, finally defeating him. The trailer then cuts back to Doomfist in a prison cell where he finally breaks down the wall with his fists and escapes, even without his power gauntlet.

In the lore of Overwatch the gauntlet actually appears in one of the escort missions, and a lot of gamers had been speculating that when it went missing following an update that Doomfist would be making an appearance soon. Well, Doomfist is making an appearance but it's actually a lot sooner than you think because you can play him right now in the public test realm for Overwatch on PC.

Jeff Kaplan, the game director, revealed that Doomfist is one of the leaders of the evil organization Talon, working with Reaper and the other baddies within the game's lore. Doomfist also absolutely hates Overwatch for having put him behind bars in the first place, so he's definitely out for revenge, especially against Winston.

This is the kind of interesting dynamic that Overwatch really needed to help bring the conflict between the characters to life. Having a villain with a thorough cause and some enemies he's intent on taking down ratchets up the importance of the conflict.

Some of his abilities sound kind of cool, including the ability to wind up his fist and unleash a devastating rocket punch. It's explained that the rocket punch can actually barrel through barriers, making him a perfect foil for defensive characters such as Reinhardt.

You can learn more about Doomfist and his appearance in Overwatch by checking out the official character profile page. Sadly, despite lobbying for the role of the character, actor Terry Crews did not land the part of Doomfist... but maybe if they make a live-action film he can step into the role?

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