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How To Unlock Shin Akuma In Ultra Street Fighter II On The Switch

Ultra Street Fighter II Akuma

(Image credit: Capcom)

In the old-school fighting games there was the possibility of unlocking hidden characters on the cart by performing some amazing feats, beating the game or typing in some kind of crazy keypad combinations. Well, a recent bit of info surfaced on how to unlock the very powerful Shin Akuma from Ultra Street Fighter II.

Gamespot took note of a quick promo in between panels that were taking place at the San Diego Comic-Con this past year, where Capcom revealed to fans in the audience how to unlock Shin Akuma, the demon, from the Nintendo Switch edition of Ultra Street Fighter II.

1 - So first of all you have to go into the character select screen and pick Ryu but cancel on Color 1.

2 -- Next select Ken on the character select screen, but cancel the selection while on Color 9.

3 -- Proceed to select Sagat from the character select screen, but then cancel while on Color 8.

4 -- Next you'll need to select M. Bison but then cancel while on Color 7.

5 - Place the cursor on the Random character select icon and press and hold the left and right bumpers on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons at the exact same time.

If you did this correctly you should have been able to unlock Shin Akuma in your copy of Ultra Street Fighter II. I wonder if the sales are good if Capcom will release an Ultra Street Fighter II Turbo and add Oni Akuma?

Anyway, Akuma has always been one of the more respected and top-tier fighters from the Capcom universe. In fact, his lore is so respected that he managed to make his way into a completely different Capcom universe in the form of Asura's Wrath, which is easily one of the more underrated games from the seventh generation of gaming for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Akuma was a special DLC character in the game along with Ryu.

In Asura's Wrath, Akuma went from Shin, to Oni to God Akuma in order to fight Asura, a battle that lasted for 400 years.

Shin Akuma has made his presence throughout various incarnations of Capcom games, most notably appearing in the crossover titles Capcom vs SNK, since no one from the Capcom side was powerful enough to bring out the raging demon within Akuma.

Throughout the years Akuma has always been a foil for the main character Ryu, constantly attempting to get him to unleash his own inner demon and succumb to the power of the dark side. Ken has always been the light-side beacon to keep Ryu from turning into a raging demon like Akuma.

Akuma has been having a stellar year so far. At the very tail end of 2016 he managed to make a return to Street Fighter as DLC in Street Fighter V, and he was a pivotal character in the final chapter of the Heihachi and Kazuya storyline in Tekken 7, and now he's an unlockable and playable character in Ultra Street Fighter II.

Fans of Akuma have really managed to get their fill of the character. And now you can unlock and play as him in the Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.