Batman: The Enemy Within Launch Trailer Introduces Telltale's Riddler

Telltale Games released the official launch trailer for the first episode of the second season of Batman: The Enemy Within. The trailer helps introduce fans of Telltale and Batman into the game studio's alternate take on the popular Batman villain.

The trailer starts with Batman talking to one of the Riddler's henchman, asking him to give up the super villain. The henchman tells Batman that he can't... that "you've seen his machines." They intimate that this iteration of the Riddler is very similar to villains like Jigsaw from the SAW series.

During an early release video of the first episode of the second season of Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within, we do get to see one of Riddler's machines in action... a sickening chamber device that magnetizes the victims hands to the glass wall inside the chamber, all while a razor saw slowly cuts across the chamber, dismembering the victim's fingers along the way. A second piece of the device has a failsafe that sees a horizontal guillotine lowers while cutting up anything inside the chamber, effectively working like one of those food slicers you see in an infomercial.

They establish it pretty quickly that this Riddler is a fairly dangerous criminal, and can exercise some very dastardly traps that could either kill its intended victims or leave them permanently disfigured.

The trailer gives away a couple of key plot points that carried over from the first season of Batman: The Telltale Series, including Alfred missing one eye after the encounter Batman and Alfred had with Lady Arkham during the final showdown in the catacombs.

The trailer also reveals the presence of Amanda Waller... yes, the same Waller from the Suicide Squad. It sets up some serious future possibilities for Telltale and the Batman universe if they do it right.

Obvious tensions arise between Batman and Waller, especially as Waller has one of her psyche agents to keep tabs on Batman by attempting to profile him. The trailer also highlights Telltale's visual improvement for the series. You can tell the designers are getting a bit more comfortable with the lighting and attempting to capture the mood and visual nuance of the Batman universe.

You'll also notice that Batman's suit has seen a major upgrade, looking a lot more stylized and functional than the more bland looking design he had in the first season. In fact, the suit looks to have taken a lot of inspiration from the Nolanverse design in The Dark Knight, along with the latest design of the suit that Batman was outfitted with in Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight. It's funny how similar a lot of Batman's gadgets and aesthetic in newer iterations of the character now seem to mirror Rocksteady's design, which is a testament to how iconic their look for Batman has become.

The trailer rounds out with a reminder that the Joker is still on the loose, and Batman owes him a favor for getting his help breaking out of Arkham Asylum. We then get a final clip of Batman getting trapped in one of Riddler's killer chamber devices. The first episode of the new season is set to go live on August 8th digitally via the PS Store, Xbox Store, Steam and the Telltale Store.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.