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A Classic Original PlayStation Game Is Getting Remade

Fear Effect: Reinvented
(Image credit: Sushee Studio)

Square Enix announced that it is working with Sushee Studios and Forever Entertainment to completely remake a classic PlayStation One game for a 2018 release on PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch, surprisingly enough. The remake of the classic Fear Effect will sport many of the game's trademark features, but with a new coat of graphics for today's generation of gaming.

Kotaku is reporting that the game that is being remade is Fear Effect. The original development studio has gone kaput over the years, but Sushee Studios recently brought back the Fear Effect franchise through a Kickstarter that took place last year in May. The upcoming Fear Effect Sedna will be a sequel game, featuring an all new story, missions, and gameplay.

However, as a way to renew interest in the brand, Square Enix's Collective is being used to help put eyes back on the series, thanks to Sushee remaking the original Fear Effect, which came out back in 1999. It was one of those games that managed to make waves due to its dark and truly gritty content, and B-movie style presentation that was popular for games made back in the day.

It was also one of the few games that helped define the PlayStation brand as a platform with very serious and mature games, especially with the release of games like Syphon Filter and Metal Gear Solid, which also released around the same time.

The big difference between the other espionage titles and Fear Effect is that the Eidos Interactive title was a lot closer to the likes of Resident Evil than Konami or Sony's titles. In fact, Fear Effect was renown for its fixed camera angles, and for using 3D rendered environments that were captured as full-motion video backgrounds, not unlike the game Cyberia.

Sushee is promising that the fixed camera angles will be back in Fear Effect: Reinvented for home consoles and PC. The developers are promising that the gameplay will stay relatively the same but will have updated graphics and visual effects. A small teaser trailer of how the graphics will look was let loose for public consumption, which you can check out below.

The story will stay the same, featuring a trio of mercenaries who attempt to rescue a Triad boss' daughter from becoming a sacrifice for demons.

Players literally journey into hell in an attempt to stop the demons and save the Triad boss' daughter.

Back in the day, games used to have some pretty out there and bizarre plots that mixed modern day sensibilities with the surreal.

A lot of gamers are curious how the reinvented Fear Effect will look with updated graphics and visuals while still utilizing fixed camera angles, similar to Until Dawn. One of the biggest drawbacks back then was the poor frame-rate and clunky controls that inhibited a lot of playability. Hopefully, those problems will be addressed in the remake when it releases in 2018.

Will Usher

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