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Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero DLC

Capcom has revealed that there's some new DLC on the way for Resident Evil 7. The game's DLC news went dark shortly after the Banned Footage content packs rolled out, leaving a lot of people curious as to what was going on with the game. Well, there are two pieces of DLC on the way, one of which will be free, and both are coming December 12th.

According to Polygon the new DLC called Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero will star series veteran Chris Redfield. It will be available later this year, on December 12th, and the best part about it is that the DLC will be free for everyone. So, gamers will be able to find out more about Chris' role in the events of Resident Evil 7 along with his part working for Umbrella. The DLC will not release alone, Zoe's story will also receive some closure and it will be available on December 12th, as well. For season pass holders the Zoe DLC pack will be free, but for those of you who don't own the season pass you'll have to pony up $14.99.

According to the article, Zoe's DLC will be fairly substantial, as it will not only conclude her story but also introduce new enemies for players to face off against at the Baker compound. Additionally, the DLC will also throw players into a brand new location set within a swamp-filled area.

There's no mention as to whether or not there will be new weapons included or if Zoe will have access to weapons at all. Given the way the game was played when players were in control of Ethan and Mia, it's not unlikely that Zoe would have access to some sort of weaponry to defend herself, especially since, throughout the game, she helped Ethan get his hands on some necessary equipment to face off against her father with.

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Warning, as there are a few spoilers ahead, but for those of you who got the "Good" ending, Zoe lived but was left standing at the docks following the demise of her father, Jack. This sounds like the ending the developers are going with, especially since, in the other ending, Eveline killed Zoe when Ethan attempted to help Zoe escape. So it sounds like the story may pick up at the events before Eveline captured Ethan, and Mia had to go rescue him.

In the "Good" ending of Resident Evil 7 there was no mention of Zoe. Chris Redfield came with the Umbrella soldiers to finish off the zombies and clean up the remains of Eveline. Depending on your choices, Chris will save both Mia and Ethan at the end, but the game leaves it open as to what happened to Zoe.

So, this new DLC will explore whether or not she managed to make it out of the swamp area following the storage house catching fire and Jack dying. A lot of gamers felt bad for Zoe because she was a victim in the whole thing, and the "Good" ending seemed to really leave her with the short end of the stick (not as if the "Bad" ending was much better). Hopefully, she's the one member of the Baker family that gets a "happy" ending. I guess we'll find out when the DLC launches on December 12th along with Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition, which will feature all of the previously released DLC packs in one package. The Gold Edition will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4 at retail and via digital distribution.

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