Team Fortress 2 Is Getting A Massive New Update

Team Fortress 2 Jungle Inferno Update
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Valve gets a heck of a lot of love, praise, hate, and embittered rage from the gaming community. A lot of the praise comes from the pro-consumer take on its business model, while the hate usually spawns from a lack of updates to some of Valve's most beloved franchises, like Team Fortress 2. Well, there's good news in the form of a massive new update for Team Fortress 2.

Over on the official Team Fortress website, the new Jungle Inferno update is unveiled, featuring all new community-made maps, a Valve-themed map called Mercenary Park, and a plethora of updated and new content for players to enjoy.

Each of the community maps features a focus on a different game mode within Team Fortress 2, with five of the highest voted community maps making the cut in the new Jungle Inferno expansion. All the maps have a Jurassic Park-style theme to them. From the visitor centers to the security structures, it's pretty obvious Valve wanted the content to center around the popular dinosaur-themed movie series, and gamers obviously wanted those kinds of maps to populate the expansion.

These maps include the Lazarus facility, which is a King of the Hill map that sees players starting outdoors and eventually having to make their way into the inner sanctum where a liquid Lazarus pit is located. The jungle structures almost even make it look like Ra's Al Ghul might be hanging out there somewhere.

The Mossrock map is a lot more rustic, sending players through a mill-type arena within the jungle. It's a typical Team Fortress 2-style Attack/Defend stage.

The third map is Banana Bay, a beach-style map set along a ruined track off the coastline. The map sees players partaking in a Paylod Race, moving along the beach, through some tunnels and access tunnels. The bright and cheery map is on the outskirts of a deep jungle background resting in the distance while an oceanfront surrounds the outer edge of the map.

The Enclosure map is another Payload themed map, and it's a mixture of concrete facilities and old wooden storage facilities. The map design has very strong semblances to Jurassic Park, and the security towers and map design with all the iconography looks very similar to the dinosaur adventure flicks.

The final map is called Brazil, and it's an oddly designed map that mixes in the classic woodland designs with a bit of a motif based around the Brazilian favelas. It's probably the least themed jungle map of the pack, but the King of the Hill stage has some cool designs to keep gamers coming back for more.

In addition to the five new maps, there's also a Yeti punch taunt and a Yeti transformation taunt being added to the game. The new content was accompanied by a four-minute short film that you can check out below.

The short film centers around Valve's official map, Mercenary Park, but you'll have to wait to get your hands on the other community-made maps.

Leading up to the release of the new Jungle Inferno, there will be five days highlighting all the new content.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.