How To Play The Evil Within 2 In First Person Mode

The Evil Within 2
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One of the games that has really taken the gaming community by storm is the survival-horror game from Tango Gameworks called The Evil Within 2. The game has a lot of content and is far more lengthy than you might have expected, but it also has a special mode you may not have known about: a first-person mode.

PC Gamer has a quick tutorial on how to access this mode on the PC version of the game. You simply go into your Steam library, select The Evil Within 2 from the list, right click on the entry and then click on "Properties". Once the new tab opens up then you'll need to select "Set Launch Options" from the menu and type in the text field "+com_allowconsole 1". This command will enable the developer console to be accessible from within the game.

Once you put that in, proceed to enter the game and press the Insert key while in the game. This will bring up the console command prompt. With the prompt open, proceed to type in "pl_FPS1".

This will enable the first-person mode for The Evil Within 2. The article also suggests using the "toggle" command to switch perspectives, or you can use "idStudio" in the command prompt to activate the cheat mode. From there you'll be able to toggle the first-person mode for The Evil Within 2.

There's a video demonstration showcasing how the mode works for the game thanks to YouTuber SkacikPL.

As you can see, it's not too dissimilar from Capcom's survival-horror outing earlier this year in the form of Resident Evil 7. There's actually a strong similarity between the two. The major difference, however, is that The Evil Within 2 feels far less claustrophobic compared to Capcom's title.

It's definitely scarier given that you have to rely on manually looking around to survey your surroundings.

In the original game there are a couple of segments where you have to go into first-person mode but you aren't able to use your weapons, and they're mostly designed as stealth segments. For people who felt like those modes were under-utilized, you can use the first-person toggle on the PC version of the game to play the entire game from start to finish in first-person (save for the cinematics, obviously).

This is a neat little Easter Egg that gamers might enjoy if they liked Resident Evil 7 and wanted something slightly similar.

I can't say for sure which one will give you the most frights, but some gamers seem to like the idea of playing through the game in first-person mode as opposed to third-person. It's still scary either way, especially when some of the monsters start bending reality and setting up the mood for some serious frights. Unfortunately, for PS4 and Xbox One owners, the first-person mode is unavailable, but PC gamers who own a copy can try it out right now.

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