Woman Gets So Lost In Watching VR She Mistakenly Starts Stroking Dog's Butt

Whether you're playing a scary game or watching a frightening video, the intensity gets kicked up a few notches when you're experiencing those chills in virtual reality. Heck, you might even smooch a dog's butt in confusion. We have video proof.

The latest "hilarious things people do in VR" craze clocks in at just a minute in length, but it's a minute well spent if you like to laugh. It comes to us from YouTube user, Tyler Mueller.

The subject of the video was doing anything but laughing, however, as her son decided to strap her into a VR headset to check out a frightening clip. Since this isn't a PSVR we're talking about, it's a pretty safe bet she's not watching anything from Resident Evil VII or Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. We know there's a pretty spooky Paranormal Activity clip making the rounds, so maybe that's what she's viewing. Sadly, the description of the video does not let us give credit where it's due, and it's definitely due for the silly situation that unfolds because of it.

Some folks like to grab a pillow and hide their eyes behind it when they watch a scary movie. Some folks like to cuddle close to their partner or a pet. The tricky thing about virtual reality is that you're pretty well locked into the device, so your normal coping mechanisms might not work. There's something about VR that also seems to make you forget that you could just, you know, close your eyes or take off the headset.

But this lady decided to muscle through whatever frightening scene she was watching and the entire internet is a better place because of it.

She's clearly a pet cuddler when it comes to being frightened so, when she feels her pet pooch bump into her during the frightening scene, she grabs onto the little fellow and hugs him dearly. The issue, of course, is that she doesn't realize she's holding the poor critter upside down, effectively cozying up to its butt.

We saw a few folks in the comments claiming there's no way in hell this mistake could be made but, again, logic goes sideways when you're having the daylights scared out of you in VR. And if you watch, it's clear that her hands are trying to figure out why the dog doesn't feel quite right, but then the fear just makes her hold on even tighter. The perfect moment comes at around the 48-second mark, when the dog's face goes from tolerant to genuinely concerned.

If anyone can figure out what she's watching, please let us know in the comments below. Otherwise, feel free to share your own embarrassing VR stories. My worst is pretty time, amounting to little more than a minor freakout while playing Rush of Blood and the damn cat tried to crawl into my lap.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.