Sea Of Thieves Explains Unique Player Progression System In New Video

Rare is still working hard on Sea of Thieves, the upcoming open-world, seafaring adventure game for PC and Xbox One. The latest development video from the team covers the progression system, and how players will be able to advance in the game.

The video clocks in at nearly eight minutes, and it was posted up over on the Sea of Thieves YouTube channel. The video starts with a look at the various types of locations you can visit throughout the game, as well as how the progression is tied to how you will craft and customize an identity for your pirate.

Throughout the game you'll be able to unlock different clothes, ranging from tattered deckhand garb to fine linens and silk fit for a noble. Accessories will also play a part in how you customize your character, enabling you to throw a peg leg onto your protagonist, or a hooked hand.

Customization also extends to your character's facial features and head, such as facial hair and a wide variety of hairstyles.

Beyond simply customizing the way your character looks, you'll also find a variety of different merchants and traders throughout the world of Sea of Thieves. There are three different traders scattered throughout the game world, and each trading company has their own series of quests that you'll have to go on and complete. By completing quests you'll unlock harder challenges and greater affinity with that particular trading company.

What's really cool here is that as you take on a mission, the trading company will literally have the quest in a parchment on the table and anyone within your crew will be able to see it. You can pick and choose which missions you want to do based on what's available from that trading company, by having crew members vote on the mission. This is a pretty neat setup because it means that anyone from any level can join in on the quest, even if it's a rare, high-end mission. Rare designed Sea of Thieves this way to encourage players to keep playing together, no matter what their skill level or how high in rank they are with a trading company.

The biggest difference between the trading companies is that each one will have different quests and challenges. Some trading companies will have players traveling to island to recover treasure, while other companies will have you taking down other ships. The higher the level the mission the more complex the mechanics are involved.

Some trading missions involve transporting goods across the trading channels, many of which are timed missions.

The Order of Souls is an interesting trading company centered around combat and dungeon raids. This focuses more on your FPS and hack-and-slash skills in Sea of Thieves. The game is due out on Xbox One and PC on March 20th, 2018.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.