Honest Game Trailer Runs Away From Sonic Forces

It's no shock that anyone who played Sonic Forces likely realized that it wasn't a very good game. It didn't take too long for the verdicts to fall squarely against the game when it came to the review scores both from gamers and critics alike. Well, it should come as no surprise that Honest Game Trailers has ran squarely away from Sonic Forces due to how terrible it is.

The video was posted up recently over on the Smosh Games YouTube channel. It's a quick three and a half minute romp through all of the failings found in Sega's Sonic Forces.

The video starts absolutely harsh, holding nothing back... well, since it is an Honest Trailer. It points out how Sonic Team crafted a less-than-mediocre experience in Sonic Forces in the exact same year that an absolutely fantastic game like Sonic Mania came out, which was a true and through love-letter to the 16-bit Sega Genesis era of Sonic games.

In the case of Sonic Forces, the Honest Trailer points out how gamers have to force themselves to play through one underwhelming platforming level after the next. While this is somewhat true, the reality is that the levels in the game are extremely short, and will take you just under a minute or so to complete the game. It's no joke, the game has some of the shortest levels featured in a Sonic game and most of them are quite automated.

In fact, the video literally describes how the levels have a lot of "flashy" cinematic camera shifts to distract players from the reality that you aren't really doing anything while playing. Most of the time you're holding down the left analog stick either forward or to the right (or a mix of the two) and watching Sonic bounce around quickly with an occasional requirement to tap the 'X' button to jump.

The burns don't let up in the video, and Smosh rightfully points out how the game is so simplistic that it's "two steps away from watching a Let's Play". Ouch.

Not everything is terrible about Sonic Forces and the Honest Trailer does give props where props are due, specifically with the character creation utility. A lot of gamers actually did enjoy unlocking new parts and creating their own crazy looking Sonic rip-off.

The comment section is almost entirely in agreement with the Honest Trailer. It's hard not to agree with it given the fact that the game itself is so vastly underwhelming compared to what it could have been. Sega promised gamers something special, but everyone ended up with something less than sub-par.

Many fans feel as if Sega no longer knows the way toward making good Sonic The Hedgehog games, and unless Sega puts more of its trust in Pagodawest to deliver more hit gems like Sonic Mania, expect more flustering flubs like Sonic Forces.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.