Sonic Forces Has A Release Date

Sonic Forces Release Date

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Sega may have just recently released Sonic Mania for the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, but the company is already looking toward the next big release this year: Sonic Forces. The 3D, action-adventure platformer finally nailed down a solid release date for this fall, on November 7th.

According to IGN, Sonic Forces will release on November 7th. The game will be available both in a normal version and a special Bonus Edition, which comes with a number of additional customization features, goodies for your controller, and the game itself.

The Sonic Forces Bonus Edition will only be $40, and is currently available for pre-order as a physical edition for the Xbox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. It comes with a boxed copy of the game for the respective system, along with a controller skin for the respective controller, which includes the DualShock 4, the Joy-Con controller attachment, and for the Xbox One controller.

The controller sticker features multiple pieces for the DualShock 4, one for the lightbar, two additional pieces for the face buttons and digital pad, and another for the main handles. The Nintendo Switch controller cover comes in three pieces. Including pieces for the left and right Joy-Con and another cover for the center controller dock. The Xbox One has two pieces, one for the top home button and another for the main controller.

In addition to the game stickers that come with each iteration of the game, there are also five additional Sonic Forces cosmetic skins for the custom character feature. The cosmetic choices include Beat's outfit from Jet Set Radio, which comes with his gloves, shirt, pants and shoes, along with his big green goggles. There's the Persona 5 costume, which features Joker's outfit from the Phantom Thieves, allowing you to slap on a mask, his shoes and his black thieving gear. There's a costume from PuyoPuyo, along with an entire monkey skin from Super Monkey Ball. Finally, there's a Nights Into Dreams outfit, featuring Nights' hat, shoes and bodysuit.

Surprisingly, the game being available with the Bonus Edition -- in a physical package no less -- for only $40 sounds like a steal. Most games don't even release digitally for only $40, so it's not only a major incentive to get the Bonus Edition at that price, but the fact you can get the new Sonic game on disc for $40 is tempting. The bonus items are just that... bonuses.

Sega also took liberties with the pricing of Sonic Mania as well, launching the game digitally on home consoles for only $19.99.

It could be Sega's new initiative with trying budget-priced games at budget-prices. Unfortunately, we don't know how much the digital version of the Sonic Forces Bonus Edition costs, but the news is likely coming soon.

The game itself is like the other recent Sonic The Hedgehog outings, including those such as Sonic Generations or Sonic Colors, where players will have to zip and zag through various 3D stages at high speeds. The hook for Sonic Forces, however, is that you can create your own character and use them in the game. As mentioned at the top of the article, Sega's latest title is due for release on November 7th.

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