Someone Made Overwatch Into A Classic Fighting Game, And It's Awesome

Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch is still a hugely influential and popular property in the world of gaming, and the game has even inspired someone to make a mockup prototype of Overwatch as a fighting game and it's pretty awesome if I must say so myself.

The near six-minute video was posted up over on the TGN YouTube channel, featuring a look at the Overwatch Fighter prototype. It features a number of the cast of characters duking it out across familiar stages and even taking part in a bonus game.

The fight starts with Reinhardt and Zarya in some alternate skins, where they begin clashing in a 2D-style fighter using 3D assets. The fights play out similar to Street Fighter, which are more plodding and methodical than what you might have originally expected from an Overwatch-style fighting game.

Then again it is two behemoths locking horns, so it's no surprise that things wouldn't be as speedy or fast-paced compared to other characters like Lucio or Tracer. And given the game's reliance on projectiles, you can easily see that both characters utilize zoning as a way to deal damage at a distance.

Most unique about it is the charge meters at the bottom left and right-hand corners of the screen. They begin to fill up as special moves are utilized and hits are landed, not unlike the standard gameplay in Overwatch.

Reinhardt ends up winning the first round by activating his special once the meter hits the top and blasts Zarya through the wall and into another section of the stage, not unlike the wall breaks in Tekken 7.

Reinhardt nearly loses but ends up finishing the match by crushing Zarya with a devastating looking finishing maneuver.

There's a second match that gets under way featuring Genji and Doomfist. They end up going to Numbani where the two fight it out. The match is far more fast-paced, obviously not quite like Mortal Kombat X or Killer Instinct, but maybe similar to Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

Genji flips and runs around the stage where-as Doomfist relies on projectiles and zoning attacks with his fist. It's actually a very close match but Doomfist ends up taking out Genji with a clothesline. We then get to see that there's even a special finishing move opportunity that has Doomfist blasting Genji out of the planet.

Before the video ends we see a bonus stage where Doomfist fights a motorcycle in a garage, not unlike the car bonus stage from Street Fighter II.

It's definitely something that obviously took a lot of time to do and it appears that a lot of fans also thoroughly enjoyed the prototype of the Overwatch fighting game.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.