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The Most Popular Street Fighter Character, According To The Fans

Sakura Street Fighter

The results of Capcom's recent Street Fighter character poll are in and the fans have spoken. Out of a whopping 109 series characters, only one could be crowned the all-time favorite. Congratulations, Sakura Kasugano.

Several months back, Capcom decided it would be fun to poll Street Fighter players to see which members of the ever-growing roster were considered by the community to be the absolute best. It's kind of a tricky question, really. You've got series staples like Ryu and Ken in the running, alongside oddballs and one-hit wonders like Skullomania, Captain Sawada and Necro.

You've got to remember that, while the Street Fighter series has only got a "V" after the title at this point, there have been many spin-offs and iterations on those existing games, many of which brought some new characters into the lineup. And then there's the terrible Street Fighter game based on the Hollywood film, which still counts.

All told, the Street Fighter roster includes 109 characters and, over the past several months, fans have been voting on their favorites. There are a few surprises in the rankings, but that's likely due to the fact that those niche characters have a more rabid fan base.

As noted above, Sakura managed to earn the most votes, making her the all-time favorite Street Fighter combatant. There's no use arguing at this point, as Capcom's poll has made this a scientific fact.

The top three is actually rounded out by female combatants, including Makoto and Juri. Q and Cody round out the top five, with Chun-Li being the first core combatant to make an appearance at number six. The remainder of the top 10 finishers is rounded out by Sagat, Akuma, Ryu and Blanka.

These results come to us from the Capcom Fighter Network site, which also offers results for the remaining 99 positions. We're not going to go through all of them here, but it's still pretty interesting to see which characters ended up where in the rankings. Arguably the lowest ranking "core" fighter would be Balrog at 70. Several newer fighters also round out the bottom 30, which isn't a big surprise. They're accompanied by quite a few characters I've never even heard of.

As for the bottom five, they include Dr. Jose, Monitor Cyborgs, Cycloid B, F7 and, holding down the least-liked spot, Khyber.

So, congratulations, Sakura, you've managed to win over the hearts of the most Street Fighter fans. Now that Capcom has made a big event out of it, we wouldn't mind seeing a similar poll conducted for other games with big rosters, such as Mortal Kombat. Who do you think would take the top spot in that poll? What about the bottom spot? Let us know your thoughts, and your own favorite Street Fighter character, in the comments below.

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