Rainbow Six Siege Is Making 20 Different Operators Free

Rainbow Six Siege
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Ubisoft's Rainbow Six: Siege continues to truck along with a strong audience and a core community that doesn't seem to be letting go of the first-person tactical shooter anytime soon. In celebration of the next major update, Ubisoft decided to make 20 of the game's Operators... free.

According to Gamespot, starting March 3rd when the brand new season of DLC will get underway for Rainbow Six: Siege, Ubisoft decided that it would also be giving away 20 of the game's operators for free. You'll be able to acquire them as part of the update without having to pay a dime for them, and this will apply to every version of the game other than the Starter Edition.

For those of you who still want to get the Starter Edition, you'll be able to do so and acquire six Operators in the package instead of getting the original four that it used to provide. Additionally, all of the weapon attachments in the game will be unlocked from the start and you won't have to grind to acquire them. Ubisoft also made it known that future attachments for weapons will also be made available right from the start and will not require players to grind in order to unlock them.

So why the decision to give away the 20 Operators for free? Well, as mentioned in the article Ubisoft originally had plans to get rid of the Starter Edition altogether and only make the Rainbow Six: Siege Advanced Edition available.

Ubisoft encountered the wrath of the community for attempting to make the Starter Edition more expensive by stating that gamers would have more access to more content for a higher price. However, plenty of people countered by saying that the cheap Starter Edition made it easy for them to convince their friends to play the game, which in turn raised Rainbow Six: Siege's overall playerbase. Raising the price on the Starter Edition could diminish the number of new players joining the game.

The change of making the base game offer players 20 Operators and the weapon attachments unlocked from the start is supposedly designed to make it easier for new players to jump into the game and get caught up with veteran players. Meanwhile Ubisoft will continue to offer new weapons, and new Operators.

For people who want to purchase the new Operators, the Season Pass for Rainbow Six: Siege will still be available and will give gamers an opportunity to get their hands on the latest Operators to join the fray, two of whom will be part of the upcoming Outbreak event.

Ubisoft will also be introducing an all-new PvP mode for the game called Pick & Ban, and this will line up with the new Outbreak event set for March. Following that, there will be additional maps, overhauls to the old maps, and some brand new layouts for some of your favorite maps.

It's amazing that a game that came out in 2015 is still going so strong today, and we'll see if Ubisoft's attempt to make 20 of Rainbow Six: Siege's Operators free will help continue to bolster the ever-growing playerbase.

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