Street Fighter V Is Adding Darkstalkers Outfits

Street Fighter V
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Capcom has been begged by fans of Darkstalkers to make new games in the series. There hasn't been a new chronological Darkstalkers game since the late 1990s, and despite requests from fans it doesn't appear a new game is coming anytime soon. However, Capcom is meeting fans halfway by adding Darkstalkers outfits to Street Fighter V.

Over on the Capcom Unity blog, community manager Andy Wong revealed that three costumes will be available starting April 3rd, 2018 for Street Fighter V characters that are based on the popular monster-themed fighting game, Darkstalkers.

The three outfits will be available for the new Egyptian character, Menat; the leggy psychopath, Juri; and the boss character, Urien.

The first outfit isn't actually based on a playable character from Darkstalkers, but is actually based on a mummy character who was associated with Anakaris. The mummy outfit for Menat is actually based on Khaibit, which was Anakaris' partner in Darkstalkers 3, appearing occasionally in certain animations. Khaibit was also a secret unlockable character in Capcom Fighting Jam Midnight Bliss.

I'm sure some people are a little disappointed that other, more popular characters from the series weren't selected to have a costume featured in Street Fighter V, such as Felicia or Demitri, but Capcom makes up for that with a Lilith costume for Juri. The vampire cosplay getup for the psycho kicker actually seems to fit her quite well. Juri dons a leotard bodysuit, replete with the bat wings on her back and head, along with red heeled boots.

Lilith wasn't quite as popular as Morrigan, but she appeared as a split-off from the seductress, taking on a somewhat childlike appearance despite being 300 years old.

Last but not least is the Darkstalkers costume for the DLC character, Urien. The domineering boss character was introduced during the first season of Street Fighter V, and Capcom decided to give him a little bit of costume-centric loving by allowing gamers to cosplay Urien as Donovan. The character might look like Dan from the Street Fighter series, but you have to admit that the Donovan costume looks really good on Urien. The Buddhist themed outfit features Donovan's trademark red, yellow and blue garb, complete with the giant beads and a large sword on his back.

While the outfit is a true representation of Donovan's gear, Urien won't be accompanied by Anita, the super-powered little girl that accompanied Donovan in his travels.

Even still, gamers will be able to get their hands on the costumes for the characters starting April 3rd. You will either need to purchase all of the characters or have acquired the complete edition to gain access to them so that you can purchase the costumes for them.

The costumes will be available with a number of palette options, but you won't be able to acquire them with Fight Money in Street Fighter V. The costumes will carry an MSRP of $3.99 each, and will be available on both the Steam and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. While it may not be Darkstalkers 4, it's about as close as gamers will get... for now.

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