Chrono Trigger's PC Port Is Getting Updated Following Backlash

Chrono Trigger
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One of the recent ports to PC from Square Enix has been Chrono Trigger. Yes, many PC gamers have probably already played some iteration of the famed JRPG since its release several decades ago, but for people who want the honest experience on PC, they were met with a shoddy port. Well, Square is looking to fix that.

After receiving a ton of backlash from the PC gaming community for the Chrono Trigger port that came out on Steam back on February 27th, 2018, Square Enix decided to listen to some of the critical feedback and update the game with some much needed polish and optimization. The company posted an update on the community page, indicating that Chrono Trigger will have a number of patches rolled out.

According to the post, the patches will address the compatibility issues that gamers have been complaining about since its release. This will include an April patch that will allow users to easily switch between high-resolution graphics and the original 16-bit graphical style from the old SNES version of the game.

A changelog for all of the fixes, bug squashes, and glitch-tuning will be available once the patch actually drops, for now the team told the fans to rest assured that there will be continuous support for Chrono Trigger on Steam and that the patches will be rolled out over the course of several months.

Some of the biggest problems that many gamers had was that the game essentially was a mobile port to PC, which meant that there were control issues, UI issues, and playability issues.

Some of the complaints note that the user interface is too large and clunky, since it's mirrored after the Android and iOS release of the game. For those of you who don't know, due to the screen size of smart devices, a lot of times the text and icons have to be made larger than what they normally would be in order to be legible on the small handheld devices. For a PC monitor, however, having the same ratio of UI images to screen space is jarring and ugly. This is also compounded with the fact that a lot of gamers complained about the font for the text in the game being visibly difficult to read due to the design.

Due to the game being a port of a port, some new glitches popped up as well, making certain issues more prominent than what they were when the game originally released. For instance, some of the room exits no longer work, some of the NPCs teleport out of the screen, some of the maps are an eye-strain due to tiling issues, and many gamers have complained about a blur filter being in place that makes it difficult to see. That's not to mention that there are missing cutscenes, and there are some looping issues.

It's safe to say that due to the mixed rating on Steam at the moment, half of the denizens of the PC gaming community don't find Square Enix's efforts for the Chrono Trigger port up to par.

The developers will be slowly working on the game to get it up to scratch in order to meet the standards of the original's legacy.

Will Usher

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