Rainbow Six Siege's Year 3 Season Pass Is Having Problems On PS4

Rainbow Six Siege
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Ubisoft's Year 3 content has been rolling out and the company is even prepping to release the third season of Year 3 for Rainbow Six: Siege owners. However, not everyone is having a grand 'ole time with the first-person shooter's latest content, due to a problem with the season pass on the PlayStation 4.

Over on the Ubisoft forum, there's a thread about the Year 3 season pass for PS4 owners that was addressed by one of the Ubisoft support staff. The user notes that after purchasing the season pass they received none of the actual seasonal content from Year 3, just 600 in-game credits to use for Rainbow Six: Siege content.

After repeatedly trying to re-download the pass and attempting to restart the game, restart the system, log in and log out, the user eventually gave up and decided to ask for help on the Ubisoft support forum. When the user got to the forum, they quickly found out that they weren't the only one having a problem with the Year 3 season pass.

Various gamers had been complaining about the season pass not working on the PS4 since last week, and after some of Ubisoft's support staff chimed in on the forum to offer some help words of support, gamers were still left without any useful solutions.

For those who wanted refunds, the problem became that it turned their situation into a Sony problem, not a Ubisoft problem, since they purchased the season pass through the PlayStation Store. Others, however, were adamant about getting the content to work and were repeatedly advised by Ubisoft to be patient.

A week after reporting the issue with the Rainbow Six: Siege season passes to Ubisoft, the tech support for the company still only advised gamers to be patient and file support tickets for help.

Tech support also stated that Ubisoft has made the issue a priority and is currently working with Sony in attempting to resolve the issue and figure out why exactly PS4 gamers are not able to access the Year 3 content with the season pass, but instead are only receiving 600 RS credits.

As of the writing of this article, there's still no fix for the Year 3 season passes not working for some PlayStation 4 gamers. Not everyone is having this problem, and some Xbox One owners noted that they hadn't encountered any issues with the season passes for Rainbow Six: Siege, so maybe it has something to do with authenticating on Sony's end.

These are some of the problems that come with the sort of complex mechanisms associated with season passes and DLC access. However, Ubisoft has been making mad bank on the DLC for Rainbow Six: Siege since 2015, and the game managed to steadily increase its playerbase over the years, so I suppose in most circles the old saying applies that if it isn't broken there's no need to fix it. Of course, in this particular case the season passes for Year 3 content isn't working for some gamers, so Ubisoft will have to fix it.

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