One of the highlights of last year's E3 was that indie publisher Devolver Digital hosted their very own E3 press conference. The company will be back this year and has plans on hosting yet another E3 press conference, and they're already apologizing for it.

As pointed out over on the Twitter post, the E3 press conference from Devolver Digital will take place on Sunday, June 10th at 8:00pm Pacific Standard Time. That's 11:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

The press conference will air after Bethesda gets done announcing their games and products earlier in the night. So, whatever you expect from Devolver Digital, don't expect it to be on par to the Zenimax-owned company, unless Devolver has plans on announcing a game on the scale of Skyrim but with all the lore and panache of Fallout.

However, what you can expect is more of what Devolver Digital delivered last year. Anyone who tuned in for the pre-recorded E3 stream was treated to some truly outlandish entertainment.

Instead of hosting a traditional E3 conference trying to pump up gamers with hosts paid to be enthused and video clips showcasing games that aren't at all representative of what you'll actually play, Devolver instead hosted a satirical PR event filled with blood, gore, and mutilation.

The entire event was a lot like a skit you would have seen from Mad TV back in the 1990s. People lost their arms, there was an announcement for a new way to pay for games by literally throwing money into a monitor, as well as the press conference host introducing Earliest Access that allowed you to pay for games before they were even playable. That's not to mention that there was an exploding head gag reminiscent to that iconic scene from Scanners. It's no surprise that the company would apologize in advance, because if you're uptight and very serious, the press conference likely won't be your cup of tea.

I have no idea how Devolver is going to top themselves this year, but that's always the challenge when it comes to sequels. And, by and large, a second E3 press conference from Devolver will most certainly be considered a sequel.

Then again, if Ryan Reynolds managed to hit success with Deadpool 2, there's definitely hope for Devolver.

While the tweet doesn't give away what we can expect from the company, the"Coming Soon" page over on the official website, hints at a few games you can expect to see during the press conference, including games like Sometimes Always Monsters and Eitr. I imagine the publisher will also attempt to remind gamers of current titles like Shadow Warrior and the upcoming Serious Sam game.

Of course, I'm sure Devolver would also take an opportunity to promote some new, unannounced games for home consoles and PC while the company has the attention of the world during the press conference. It's weird, but given how unpredictable the company is, it's actually one of the few press conferences I'm looking forward to this year.

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