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The PlayStation E3 showcase focused on four big upcoming exclusives, with a handful of other titles peppered in for good measure. One unexpected surprise featured a doomed city, the ravenous undead and one Leon mother-loving F. Kennedy. That's right, boys and girls; it's time to head back to Raccoon City courtesy of Capcom's upcoming remaster of Resident Evil 2. And based on this most recent trailer, it's going to be a wild ride.

Team PlayStation kicked off its E3 showcase with The Last of Us: Part II, a PS4 exclusive that owes a lot to genre-defining survival horror outings such as the OG Resident Evil games. While we didn't really get a look at TLOU's unique brand of zombies in that trailer, fans of reanimated corpses certainly got an eyeful about 30 minutes later when Resident Evil 2 swaggered onto the scene.

This latest RE2 trailer opens with Leon walking up to the doors of the R.C.P.D., with a high-definition look at the interior following. We imagine this stirred up quite a bit of nostalgia for long-time fans of the series, as it depicts the familiar setting in more detail than ever.

We get a few nice looks at the destruction outside, followed by plenty of spooky scenes of Leon making his way around the city with little more than a flashlight to guide him. Then, of course, all hell breaks loose as the blood-thirsty zombies shamble onto the scene, ripping the throat out of a cop who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Leon takes a moment to offer his iconic gun-drawing pose before introducing a bullet to the front of the zombie's skull. The action picks up from there, really showing off the new game engine's lighting, environments and, of course, plenty of zombies.

If you've never played Resident Evil 2, this looks like the perfect opportunity to dive in and see why so many other survival horror games have tried to emulate it over the years. And, if you have played the game and loved it, this looks like a great reason to dive back in and explore Raccoon City all over again. Except for the most dedicated of fans, it can be really hard to go back and enjoy these types of classic PlayStation titles. Resident Evil 2 will give you the ability to do exactly that, only with the added bonus of running on modern software with some modern mechanics bolted on for good measure. Obviously, this isn't just a new coat of paint. As Capcom points out, it's RE2 rebuilt from the ground up using its new RE Engine.

Resident Evil 2 launched 20 years ago and is still held to be one of the best games of all time. Find out why when this latest iteration of the game arrives on Jan. 25, 2019.