Fortnite Hopes To Get Playground Event Back Up Soon

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When it comes time to host events for one of the largest games in the world, it's no small task for Epic Games. With more than 125 million players, there is a lot of room for error whenever a new event or new content drops. For Fortnite players attempting to get in on the new Playground LTM, the major problem is that server stability isn't quite there yet and Epic is hoping to get it fixed as soon as possible so that gamers can hop back into the action and try out the new event.

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The news about the Playground LTM was first published via a Tweet on the official Fortnite Twitter account at 9:18am in the morning. Epic informed the gaming audience at large that after investigating the issue for the event that there would be an update at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

The update did arrive later in the day after the company informed the community about the delay in the Playground event that was supposed to get underway earlier in the day.

The update was published over on the Fortnite sub-Reddit where Epic revealed that the team was still continuing to conduct tests and improvements to the servers in order to get the Playground LTM up and working as intended.

That was hours ago, and at this point, the Playground LTM update will likely stay on hold for the free-to-play Battle Royale version of the game until Epic can figure out how to stabilize the servers so that the server can handle exactly what the team is intending to do and how to get it done.

Most people expect that Epic will release the update tomorrow for Fortnite, or at the very least provide an update on what the status is of the event and how far along it is to release.

Originally the Playground LTM went live on June 27th, and it included a separate Playground matchmaker that is supposed to improve how players are matched up together and ensuring that there's stability and smoothness when it comes to joining and playing the new mode.

The team began having problems on June 28th with the Playground LTM, updating the gaming audience about the mode at around 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, stating that there would be additional improvements that would have to be made to make it a positive experience for everyone.

Things obviously did not go over so well and Epic kept the Playground LTM closed until the team could balance out the matchmaking and make it viable for everyone across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

On the morning of June 29th Epic informed the community that the Playground LTM still wasn't ready, and as of the afternoon, additionally testing still must be done. This should come as no surprise for a game as big and as popular as Fortnite. Even PUBG Corporation used to have serious issues with new modes and updates in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds due to how many people play the game, so Epic is spending a little extra time to round out the matchmaking experience so that the Playground LTM is as enjoyable as possible for as many gamers as possible.

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