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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is really leaning into its new Zombies campaign, with new footage from the first chapter, "Blood of the Dead," shown off this week during San Diego Comic-Con. If you've ever wanted to pump bullets into the undead while exploring a massive prison, now's your time to shine.

It's been a big week for zombies and video games at Comic-Con. We've already seen new details about the latest season of The Walking Dead and its various upcoming games, as well as a trailer for the film Overlord, which kinda-sorta looks like a movie adaptation of the Zombies mode from Call of Duty. Speaking of that series, we also got a new trailer showing off a bit of action from all three initial Zombies chapters included in Black Ops 4.

This latest footage is a bit more focused, though, zeroing in specifically on the "Blood of the Dead" chapter. And, again, it's footage rather than a trailer, so we get a sneak peek at plenty of story beats, character interactions and, of course, terrifying zombies.

Fans of the mode will recognize "Blood of the Dead" as a new take on a familiar Zombies experience that boasts beloved characters Richtoen, Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai. In a sort of reverse Shawshank Redemption, the team enters Alcatraz Penitentiary through a hole in a cell wall that was covered by a poster.

Alcatraz has clearly seen better days, as the place is practically torn to pieces. The group eventually steps into a fun bit of time travel and "gateways" talk, wherein we learn that the expected future has changed and, if our team wants to stop evil from taking over the world, they're going to have to kill a hell of a lot of zombies.

"Blood of the Dead" is one of three Zombies chapters launching on the disc for Black Ops 4, alongside the gladiatorial colosseum-themed "IX" and "voyage of Despair," which takes place aboard the Titanic. This is three times the usual starting content for the mode in your typical Call of Duty, most likely to help make up for the fact that BlOps4 won't have a single player campaign. Rounding out the package will be a beefed up competitive multiplayer mode, as well as the seemingly now obligatory battle royale mode.

Given how much of a focus this latest footage had on "Blood of the Dead," we wouldn't be surprised if Activision decided to roll out similar rolls showing off the other two Zombies chapters in the coming weeks. They should probably give a deeper dive on that promised battle royale mode at some point, too. Perhaps Gamescom will serve to fill in some of the blanks?

Either way, the whole package comes together when Black Ops 4 launches on Oct. 12.

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