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The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners Brings The Walkers Into VR

Daryl and his pal hunt walkers in The Walking Dead.

The world of The Walking Dead is about to get more in-your-face than ever, with Skydance Interactive announcing plans to launch the first VR game set in the Robert Kirkman zombie apocalypse, Saints & Sinners. Whether you're fighting zombies or dealing with fellow survivors, it'll be difficult to escape the horrors of New Orleans with a VR headset strapped to your face.

Sadly, the details on The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners are a bit scarce, but the fact that it's a virtual reality game set in a world gone mad with the living dead is enough to pique our interest for the time being. Platforms have not been announced just yet, but pretty much everything that launches on Vive and Rift eventually ends up on PlayStation VR these days, and vice versa. As for a launch window, it's a rather wide target of "2019."

According to the announcement from Skydance Interactive, this new VR game set in the world of The Walking Dead was announced as part of the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con news flood, with folks attending the event having the opportunity to check out a teaser for the game at the Harbor House Restaurant from July 18-21. If you're in the area, be sure to drop by and report back in the comments with what you discover.

So far, we know that the game is set in New Orleans following a flood, and we all know how well zombies and large bodies of standing water go together. Yeah, that sounds pretty spooky. But while you'll have plenty of opportunities to deal with the environment and hordes of zombies, apparently your fellow survivors will also be a big component in this particular game. The name Saints & Sinners comes from the fact that you'll be given opportunities to make choices throughout the game that will help you fit into one of those camps. Will you care for an injured survivor or finish the job and take their supplies? The choice is yours, and it sounds like those choices will have an impact on how the story plays out.

We're actually looking forward to seeing how this type of a narrative will fit into a VR game. We've enjoyed plenty of zombie blasting in games like Arizona Sunshine, but we also welcome the addition of drama tough decisions. The world of The Walking Dead seems like a perfect melting pot for all of the above.

Things are still moving full steam ahead for The Walking Dead, as we were just last week reporting on the launch of the series' mobile game. The final series from Telltale Games is also coming out this fall, along with the next season of the show itself. If you need even more walkers in your life come 2019, maybe Saints & Sinners will help sate your appetite.

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