Fortnite Founders Pack Skins Come To Battle Royale

During the initial launch of Fortnite it wasn't always a Battle Royale game. No, that came much later. Before Ninja, before Drake, before the hundreds of millions of dollars that Epic is raking in each month, the game was themed around the typical open-world, zombie-survival concept. However, after introducing the Battle Royale mode, Fortnite began to blossom like a flower during spring, and the rest is basically history. During the initial launch of the Save The World mode, Epic launched some exclusive skins for it, giving gamers an opportunity to customize their heroes. The developers recently announced that those Founder's Pack skins that came with the Save The World Mode are now available for the Battle Royale mode.

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Epic Games made the announcement through the official Twitter account, where the company revealed that due to all the continued support from those who purchased the Founder's Packs way back when the game first entered the public market, they will be eligible to receive the skins from the Save The World mode.

Yes, if you purchased a Founder's Pack for Fortnite's Save The World Mode, Epic will transfer over the Warpaint and Rose Team Leader costumes into the Battle Royale mode as part of the version 5.10 update.

This will enable those with the Founder's Pack to play the Battle Royale mode with the Save The World skins, adding some variety and some much needed spunk and pizazz to the overall skin options.

Epic Games have been keen on consistently updating Fortnite with all new content and attempting to give back whenever possible. Recently the company held a special anniversary event (although it didn't go off without a bit of controversy), and there was also the special Playground LTM option that was briefly made available for a short time, and Epic also announced that it would be giving back some of its earnings to the content creators who make assets for the Unreal Engine 4 asset store.

Epic has basically been rocking and rolling when it comes to leveraging the community of Fortnite and expanding the game in big ways. Epic even started up an eSports league for Fortnite, in hopes of competing with Blizzard Entertainment's eSports league for Overwatch.

The expansion of the third-person shooter seems to be rapid and incessant at the moment. There's really no telling where it will end, but some analysts already believe that the Battle Royale genre will spearhead $20 billion worth of revenue intake during 2019 next year across Xbox One, PS4, PC and mobile gaming.

In the interim, Epic is just focused on making Fortnite as good as it can be, and also giving the original founders something special as a commemoration for sticking with the Save The World mode back when it was struggling to get off the ground in mid-2017. If you purchased the Founder's Pack, be prepared to make use of the two skins from the Save The World mode in the Battle Royale mode when Fortnite's 5.10 update drops.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.