The No Man's Sky Next update is here, injecting Hello Games' space epic with a shipload of new content. Whether you're new to the galaxy or a returning explorer, this update makes No Man's Sky worthy of serious consideration.

While No Man's Sky originally launched on the PlayStation 4 back in 2016, the original game didn't meet the expectations of many players. Plenty of folks stuck with the game, though, drawn into its unique take on survival and discovery. Over the past two years, Hello Games has added a pair of major updates to introduce new features, bringing NMS closer and closer to the experience many thought they would be getting out of the box.

With the Next update (alongside a long-awaited launch on the Xbox One), even more of the game's early promises have been met. In short, No Man's Sky has been reworked and fleshed out to an impressive degree and, after spending a couple of weeks with this latest build, we've come up with the best reasons for players to either dive in for the first time or simply return to the largest sandbox in video games history.

Improved Tutorials

Like many survival games, No Man's Sky originally dropped players onto a planet with a busted ship, no memory, and very little direction. While you're still an amnesiac space explorer with a broken ride, Hello Games has wisely improved the tutorials present within No Man's Sky. While still leaving plenty of room for self-discovery, the on-boarding for this fairly obtuse game should no longer be as big a hurdle as it used to be for newcomers to clear.

Rather than giving you a couple of prompts and letting you figure out the rest for yourself, No Man's Sky now features a pretty robust tutorial that nudges you in the right direction in order to get the ball rolling. You'll be guided through the basic processes of gathering resources, refining them, using them to craft items and then using those items to fix your ship and build new equipment.

After that, players are guided into the stars where they'll receive details on how to jump between planets and, eventually, whole new star systems. Once the basics are out of the way and No Man's Sky has taken you gingerly by the hand through the first chapters of its overarching story, there comes a moment when the player is asked if they'd rather keep on following this tale or simply be let loose on the galaxy.

No matter which route you go, additional guiding missions will pop up as you discover new game systems and features. This whole process is much more user-friendly than No Man's Sky used to be while at the same time coming up shy of being too intrusive.

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