Battlefield 1's Premium Pass Will Be Free For A Limited Time

Battlefield 1
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Still undecided about whether not you want to purchase certain history-based first-person shooters? Not sure if you want to dive into World War I or World War II? Indecisive about the sort of war experience you want on today's generation of home consoles? Well, Electronic Arts is attempting to make things a little easier for you to digest with a free premium pass that is being given out for a very limited amount of time for those of you who pick up a copy or already have a copy of DICE's Battlefield 1.

Over on the official EA website for all things Battlefield, there's a post explaining that there's a giveaway of Battlefield 1 premium passes. This will run from September 11th to September 18th as part of a promotional celebration leading up to the release of Battlefield V.

If you already own Battlefield 1 you will be able to get your hands on the premium pass that will unlock all previously released expansion packs for the game, including They Shall Not Pass, which was the first expansion pack that launched for the game, featuring two all new operations, the new Trench Raider class, two new vehicles, three new maps, and the addition of the French army.

You'll also gain access to In The Name of the Tsar, which adds the Russian Empire to the game, including a handful of new Russian-made vehicles, 11 new Russian-themed weapons, a new game mode called Supply Drop, and six brand new maps based around the freezing cold locations where the Russians fought valiantly on the front lines.

The third pack that you gain access to with the Battlefield 1 premium pass is Turning Tides, which comes equipped with missions and maps based around the North Sea campaigns and the battle at Gallipoli. This includes four all new maps based around the Cape Helles invasion, the Achi Baba trench massacres, and the naval battles at Zeebrugge and the Rocky Cove. The expansion sports six new weapons, the addition of the British Empire's royal marines, and the all new Infiltrator class.

The last expansion you gain access to is Battlefield 1: Apocalypse, which is the last major release for the World War I-themed first-person shooter. The Apocalypse expansion features three all new maps across the countryside of Belgium, the mountain trenches in the Austro-Hungarian mountains, and the grassy plains by the Somme river. There are also two special aerial-based maps included called Razor's Edge and London Calling. Six new guns, a new melee weapon, and new gadgets and a new aircraft are also added.

In total you gain access to 16 brand new maps, and dozens of new weapons and vehicles to access in Battlefield 1. Keep in mind that the free premium pass for the game is only available for a limited time, shortly after the open beta test ends for Battlefield V.

Additionally, EA and DICE have made it where by playing Battlefield 1 you can unlock new gear and rewards for the upcoming first-person shooter. You have between September 11th and September 18th to get in on the deal.

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