Could Clementine From The Walking Dead Games Cross Over To The Show? Here’s What Robert Kirkman Said

Clementine in The Walking Dead Season 3

There are few shows as massively popular as AMC's The Walking Dead. The apocalyptic drama is one of the highest rated series on TV, and the brand has been expanding in an attempt to continually engage fans and profit from its notoriety. In addition to its spinoff Fear The Walking Dead, Telltale games have produced three "seasons" of games set within the same world. We've recently gotten word that Fear will finally have a crossover moment with the original series, so could the games' protagonist Clementine ever show up in The Walking Dead? Creator Robert Kirkman was recently asked just that at New York Comic-Con, and he answered with a resounding:

Nope! I mean, honestly, like, we love Clementine and those games are fantastic, but I like that there are different elements to each iteration of The Walking Dead that you can only get in those iterations. Things like Daryl not being available in the comic, Clementine only being available in the games, and I think if we cross-pollenate too much, it takes away from what makes Walking Dead special in all the different genres.

Well, that puts it to rest. Robert Kirkman's statements at NY Comic-Con (via Comic Book) seem to put the possibility of Clementine showing up to meet Rick Grimes out of the question, at least for now.

This news is sure to be a bummer for avid Walking Dead fans, who have been thirsty for a crossover since both the games and Fear The Walking Dead first debuted. Clementine's appearance actually seemed far more plausible than anyone from Fear, as the game series opened outside of Atlanta, just as TWD did. Glenn Rhee even showed up for a brief appearance in the first game, presumably before he encountered the Atlanta Group that would make up the first cast of characters. And while Clem has traveled quite a bit in the following two games, she's much closer than Madison Clarke's California location in Fear The Walking Dead.

But Robert Kirkman does make a point. Keeping Telltale's video game series separate from TV shows allows it to function independently. Telltale can make plot and character choices without having to live within the narrative of the show. While Fear and The Walking Dead will reportedly share a character in the near future, both shows are still in different time periods and locations.

On the flipside, fans would lose their minds if Clem ended up on the show, even if it were for just one episode. Fear The Walking Dead's Season 1 web series manifested this way, as two characters from Flight 462 briefly appeared in Season 2.

The Walking Dead will return for Season 8 October 22nd, on FX and TellTalle's Walking Dead's first three seasons are available. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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