Watch Somebody Beat Super Mario Bros. In Under 5 Minutes

Speedruns have become a cornerstone of gaming, with many top-tier speedrunners constantly trying to find a way to beat their last greatest achievement and push the boundaries into new territory, hoping to etch out a new record, even if it's by little more than a micro-second. There's a brand new speedrun for the original Super Mario Bros. that sets a new world record, all within the span of just five minutes. Yes, a five minute speedrun beating the original NES outing in a way that you probably didn't think was possible.

The speedrun was set by Kosmicd12 and uploaded to his YouTube channel. The run is quite impressive, starting with the typical zip through of the levels by using the sewer pipes. After using the legal glitch to move through the pipe and access World 4 -- 1 within a minute, the real challenge begins as Kosmicd12 actually has to start racing through the levels as quickly as possible, including using a glitch to go from World 4 -- 2 to get to World 8 -- 1. He keeps the jumps light and proceeds the levels at a brisk pace, including pulling off an insane World 8 -- 2 run where he manages to shave time by falling onto Bullet Bill while grabbing the flag before he even gets to the actual flag.

By the time he reaches World 8 -- 4, the reality begins to set in that he could be moving towards a world record run in Super Mario Bros. He clutches through the World 8 - 4 and beats the game at a record setting 4:55.96.

The 1985 release of Super Mario Bros. is no easy game to speedrun due to the timing mechanics and level of precision required to ace the levels. One of the last notable records for the game was set by darbian back in 2016.

In the description of the world record setting run, Kosmicd12 explains that it was originally supposed to be a joke, but as he progressed through the levels he broke through the record like a champ.

There's a Q&A at the bottom of the description that explains a lot of the ins and outs of the 2D platformer, including the wall glitches that could be exploited to reach the secret pipes; the fact that some of the enemy sprites don't have properly aligned hit boxes means that Kosmicd12 could slip by the very edges of the plants without taking the hit. It's some next level technical skill on display.

Any of the speedrunners attempting to outdo the run at Summer Games Done Quick will have their work cut out for them, because Kosmicd12 knocked it out of the park with the Super Mario Bros. run.

Some of the comments are questioning if it's even possible to pull off a speedrun more clutch than what was depicted in the video above. It's almost too clean and too pristine to be touched.

Then again, years ago no one thought a speedrun like this would be possible. But, the gaming community is always changing and introducing something new, just like Kosmicd12's techniques to ace a world record setting run in the classic NES version of Super Mario Bros.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.