Game Awards Viewership Numbers

Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards is supposed to be the Oscars of video games. In some ways, it appears as if it's actually becoming just that, especially if the viewership numbers are anything to go by. The show pulled in some fairly significant eyeballs through a number of global streaming services, accruing an impressive total number.

Game Infomer is reporting that 4 million people tuned in concurrently across YouTube, Twitch, and other syndicated streaming services for the live show. That's a fairly significant number, showing that the show is almost reaching standard cable television numbers.

The show accounted for a totality of 26.2 million views from the global livestreams, re-streams, re-broadcasts, clips, shares, links, and social media broadcasts. That was noted as being up close to 130% over what the show managed to achieve in the previous year, where 2017 saw the show's accumulated livestream views totaling 11.5 million.

In fact, the show continually seems to keep growing, with the total livestream numbers constantly growing year-over-year. The 2017 show was up 202% compared to 2016, which was at 3.8 million. And 2016 was up 65% over 2015's numbers, which was 2.3 million. And 2015 was up 23% over the inaugural Game Awards show, which started back in 2014, where it only totaled 1.9 million views.

So the show's streaming channel just keeps growing more and more each year. There were also a lot more discussions and comments surrounding the show compared to 2017, with twice as many discussions taking place around the event, and nearly 1.3 times the amount of unique viewers over last year's broadcast.

One of the more unique figures that came out of the show, which was shared in a press release, was that this year's Game Awards managed more than 56 million views from clips shared among Chinese Weibo users and more than 310,000 unique social media posts. So you sort of get an idea of just how big this annual event is becoming.

It works both as a platform to advertise new games and to celebrate the achievements of games released throughout the year. In a surprising and tense showdown, the GOTY went to God of War instead of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2. But Rockstar's open-world Western managed to walk away with a ton of awards, including one for best character performance.

A bunch of other games and creators were also celebrated during the event, some of them were expected, others were not. Forza Horizon 4 ended up getting an award, and it came right after Ed Boon walked on stage to announce Mortal Kombat 11, so it was a double treat for gamers, along with all the other announcements made, including the Switch exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. (Avengers hype may have also helped this year's numbers.)

Geoff Keighley has often mentioned it's a fine balancing act between giving airtime to game announcements and trailers, and celebrating and awarding developers for their achievements. Apparently the balance was just about right, as the viewership was up, the streams were up, and the social media presence was up. Now Keighley gets to rest for a while, and prep to start the process all over again next year.

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