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Fans Think PlayStation Subtly Teased The PS5 In New Holiday Theme

The PlayStation 5 hasn't been announced, or even given any indication that it's in development. However, rumors have been running rampant about the PlayStation 5, and now fans are convinced that the unannounced system may have been subtly teased in the new holiday theme.

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The hint was spotted by user Mike Peterson, who posted up a comparison on Twitter. The comparison shows two images. One of the images shows a sign with "Happy Holidays," the second image shows the words "PlayStation." Peterson points out that the 'S' in the word "Holidays" and the 'S' in "PlayStation" are completely different, mainly because the 'S' in "PlayStation" is actually a '5'.

This led some people to speculate about the inclusion of the '5' in the logo. For instance, some attempted to point to the fifth holiday season that the PlayStation 4 is celebrating. However, technically, it would be the sixth holiday season that the PlayStation 4 is celebrating counting the year that it was released back in 2013.

There's also some short video footage of the theme in action, where you can clearly see that the 'S' in "Holidays" doesn't flash as much as the other letters, so it makes it more standout when it switches over to "PlayStation" and you can very readily see that the 'S' is swapped with a '5'.

A lot of the comments in the video point out that it also looks like Sony is hinting at a PlayStation 5 with the logo.

YouTuber SegaSaturnSNK uploaded a two minute video featuring the new theme that Sony rolled out for the PlayStation 4, which you can check out below.

This seems to tie into the recent rumors that a new console could be in the works from Sony. More pointed rumors are stating that a PlayStation 5 may be announced at some point in 2019, along with Microsoft unveiling a new Xbox console as well that's supposed to be more powerful than the Xbox One X.

We don't know if these consoles are supposed to continue the trend of trying to achieve 4K UHD output, or if they'll focus on some other gimmick, but the whole holiday theme that's available for the PlayStation 4 has left a lot of people hopeful that some new info will be coming soon or that a PlayStation 5 may be inbound sooner rather than later.

Given that Sony has already confirmed that the PlayStation Vita's support is winding down, it means that soon Sony will only have the PlayStation 4 on the market -- and it's already five years old at this point. It was also confirmed that the system's life cycle is winding down. So announcing a new console in 2019 would seem appropriate, or gearing up for a release in 2020 would also be a viable option. For now, gamers are poring over the holiday theme on the PS4 for as many clues as possible.

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