Check Out These Overwatch Skins From The Lunar New Year Event

Blizzard may have been in the news in recent times for a lot of the wrong reasons, but it doesn't mean that the company isn't trying to wipe away all the tarnish from the PR slate and get back to business. And what better way to do that than to introduce some brand new skins into the Overwatch universe as part of the Lunar New Year event?

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The announcement about the Lunar New Year event came courtesy of the official Overwatch Twitter account, which revealed that between January 24th and February 18th, there would be some new events and new skins available within the team-based hero shooter.

The first tweet showcases Reinhardt with a skin based on the Chinese hero Guan Yu, a legendary warrior who oftentimes appears in video games based on China's highly romanticized three-dynasty era. Anyone who is a fan of Dynasty Warriors will probably instantly recognize the red-faced warrior with the flowing black beard. Obviously, Blizzard's art team took some liberties with giving Guan Yu a more stylized makeover that fits in with Reinhardt's persona.

The Year of the Pig event doesn't start and end with the Guan Yu Reinhardt skin, though. Blizzard also unveiled a Zhuge Liang Zenyatta skin.

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I can definitely say that it's a very fitting skin for someone like Zenyatta. The renown tactician and brilliant mind of Zhuge seems to fit perfectly with the zen-like characteristics of Zenyatta. The omnic is given a beard and a cap with a golden pin through it, along with some matching eyebrows and a long flowing white, black, and emerald robe.

It actually looks far more fitting than I would have expected. Fans of Zhuge Liang – especially as the mastermind leading the rebels to victory in movies like Red Cliff – will surely find the skin a worthwhile addition to Overwatch.

On the opposite end of the spectrum there's a Zhang Fei Torbjorn skin for those of you who like to hear those explosions and watch things go boom.

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The scroungy dwarf is given a black-haired makeover and a gruff look to match his alter ego of Zhang Fei. It's a decent look for Torbjorn, but I doubt it's going to do much to get more people playing him... not like Reaper, anyway.

The emo-gunner probably has one of the coolest makeovers yet, sporting a masked Lu Bu theme, appropriately called Lu Bu Reaper. The twin shotguns are redesigned to look like cannons and Reaper's mask almost has a Shredder-like design from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It's capped off with some long flowing red feathers.

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Hanzo also received a new legendary skin as well, turning him into Huan Zhong Hanzo, complete with a long white beard, traditional Chinese armor, and yellow garb.

Beyond that, Blizzard also teased three additional skins for the other cast mates who will be receiving legendary skins for the event, this includes a festive dragon skin for Orisa, a warrior skin for Brigitte, and a runner skin for Tracer.

You'll be able to get your hands on the skins throughout the Overwatch event up until the middle of February.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.