Overwatch's Newest Character Is Here, Check Out Orisa

Blizzard promised a new character, and game director Jeff Kaplan mentioned that it wasn't who we thought it would be. Well, the new character is here and her name is Orisa, a giant four-legged mech designed to power through opponents like a steam roller.

The video was posted up over on the official Play Overwatch channel, featuring a quick minute and a half look at the upcoming new character for Blizzard's team-based hero shooter.

Orisa is the brainchild of another new character introduced into the Overwatch lore named Efi Oladele, an 11-year-old prodigy. The video not only reveals Orisa but actually confirms that the next new character on the roster will be Doomfist, and he appears to be a villain.

The teaser art that was released before for Overwatch, showing the robot security forces smashed into the wall, was actually the work of Doomfist. In the video, Efi explains that the robots didn't stand a chance against Doomfist. While the security bots were supposedly abandoned in the wake of the Doomfist attack, Efi decided to try her hand at repairing a robot and making it her own by giving it "a heart".

The video doesn't actually show Orisa in action, but Blizzard posted up another video where game director Jeff Kaplan explains in a vlog the abilities and skills that players can utilize when playing as Orisa.

Kaplan explains that Orisa fulfills the role of a tank in Overwatch. She has a fusion gun and she can move while shooting, but he mentions that she moves slower while actively shooting. Orisa's cannon is said to have the longest range on a weapon in the tank class.

One of her skills allows her to bring opponents together using a mini graviton blast. Kaplan explains that it's more of a positioning skill rather than a devastating damage dealing attack. The purpose of the skill is to setup opponents for another teammate to use an AOE to take out said opponents.

Orisa also has a barrier shield that can be used to project out in front of her to protect her for a short time that can be used to protect herself and her teammates.

Her ultimate ability is a supercharger that allows her to throw down a device that boosts the abilities of her teammates within the area. The drawback to this device is that it can be destroyed, so in order for the buffs to stay active the supercharger must be protected.

The community is excited about Orisa being added to the game, but they're also equally excited about Doomfist making an appearance in the game. We at least now know that Orisa and Doomfist will likely be the ultimate rivals given that Doomfist has been confirmed to be a villain, and some Overwatch sleuths have noted that he's managed to get his powerful gauntlet back.

For now, Orisa will be rolled out into the public test realm for Overwatch players, where Blizzard will monitor activity and gain feedback in order to balance her out before releasing her to the general public.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.