The Crew
Ubisoft makes the list twice. That must be some sort of record for them as far as DRM goes... or maybe not. Nevertheless, one of the other AAA titles that was widely talked about at last year's E3 set for release on the Xbox One and PS4 is The Crew. The title takes emergent multiplayer to the next level by incorporating a vast 10,000km world with all different kinds of race types and modes that gamers can engage in at any time with other players, or alone. However, as noted on VG 24/7 and on the Ubisoft forums, there is no actual offline mode. While the game auto-saves your progress in case you get disconnected, you won't be able to actually engage in the game if you're completely offline. Like the other games on this list, it means that when Ubisoft decides to shut the servers down for the game The Crew will no longer be playable. While it's a cool concept being able to battle and work cooperatively with other players in an open-world racing environment, it does bring into question how long the game will stay running before it's lights out?

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