Always-on DRM is a hot button topic that never loses its flavor as one scenario or another rears its head and becomes part of a raucous movement from dedicated members of the gaming community against an invasion of rights by publishers. We've seen the results of always-on DRM in popular franchises like Diablo III and Simcity, as well as the fight against Microsoft's original policies for the Xbox One. However, some publishers have tried new ways to turn games from products you own into services you rent, with a finite lifespan.

Four of the biggest games due out in 2014 are actually games you could consider to be always-on titles. They are heavily focused on multiplayer, and even their single-player offerings are still tied to online gameplay. Do you know which games I'm talking about? Well if you do, you have to ask yourself whether or not you're okay with the direction the industry is heading in regarding always-on games and if you think these titles needed to be always-on.

The Division
Tom Clancy's The Division isn't just a title many are claiming is a true “next-generation” title for the Xbox One and PS4 (and PC) but it's also prime delay-bait. The game is an ambitious, massive, huge project from Ubisoft and it bridges emergent, survival gameplay from titles like DayZ and Don't Starve with visually captivating graphics and atmospheric environments that roll elements of horror and dystopia into an eggroll of awesome. The only drawback? Well, all the “story” or progressive elements are tied to an online multiplayer atmosphere. Technically, this means that the game is always-on, so no offline single-player. However, there are single-player elements, as reported by Player Essence, so you don't always have to be an extroverted straggler working with other players. But, you will have to be online to explore the ruined world of The Division.

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