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4 Video Game Characters Who Are Sexy In The Most Unusual Way

While this list was a long time coming, it should be important to note that judging someone by their appearance is totally wrong. But just recently when I was playing Uncharted 4 and watching Nathan Drake and his wife Elena tickle each other on the couch of their lovely suburban home, I got to thinking what defines a sexy video game character? I didn’t think of their appearance, but instead I thought about how they carry themselves. How confident they are. How persistent and determined they are. So instead, I created a list of video game characters who radiate sexiness in the most unusual way.



1. Lara Croft

While Lara Croft was known for her boobs in the early days, Crystal Dynamics has transformed her into something totally different. Rather than be a stigma for the ideal women’s body, Lara Croft now possesses a kind of strength many women today strive for. Her confidence, vulnerability and openness to mistakes make the new and improved Lara Croft way sexier than she’s ever been.  


Jodie Holmes

Jodie, from Beyond: Two Souls, isn’t your typical “sexy” video game character. She’s seen some shit. But her will to survive is undeniable and the strength that she’s built upon after years of dealing with unusual circumstances in relation to her supernatural “friend” make her someone really special. When I think of Jodie, I think of a wounded puppy, someone who needs nurturing but refuses to accept help when offered. She’s damaged and lonely, but it’s those experiences that broke her that have made her grow into someone strong and worthy, and that’s what makes Jodie Holmes so sexy.  


2. Nathan Drake

What isn’t sexy about Nathan Drake? Drake is the guy you want at your side as you’re facing the end of the world. He’s fit, nimble, good hands and has a hell of a head on his shoulders. He’s the kind of guy you want on your side because he’ll fight for you in any circumstance, he’ll take a bullet for you and he’ll make sure you aren’t left behind. That kind of dependability, trust and confidence is so incredibly sexy. 


Jackie Estacado

I probably saved the best for last. Jackie Estacado was the protagonist from The Darkness. His family was part of the Italian mafia and he was born with a dark gift that began to consume him when he turned 18. The sexiest thing about Jackie was his soft side. Even in the midst of battle, on his darkest of days, his childhood friend and girlfriend Jenny could bring out the best in him. He might’ve seemed big and scary to others, but around Jenny he completely melted into a whole different person.