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I had no idea so many games were made in 2011, but it may not be what you think. It wasn't from AAA publishers for consoles or mobile devices. The 5.4 million games came courtesy of other gamers...yes, other gamers.

Roblox is similar to MediaMolecule's LittleBigPlanet, insofar that gamers can make, create and share their very own games with others using a simple set of tools. Last year alone Roblox has a recorded number of 5.4 million games having been made using their easy-to-use toolset.

It's a crazy setup but it's basically like taking Lego pieces and building games out of the blocks offered to you. What's more is that users build, create and share using Robux, a virtual currency to purchase goods from the store. You can sign up and play for free but additional accessories and interactive options carry a price, just like any other free-to-play MMO out there. It's also aimed at being family friendly so young kids and older gamers alike can partake in and enjoy the experience.

The interesting thing about it is that I've never heard of Roblox until today, and it's another shining example of using a creative measure to provide gamers with a different kind of user-generated experience without hidden fees or disc-locked content.

You can check out a number of videos for a few of the games over at the Roblox Blog or you can start building, creating and sharing content with friends and family by visiting the Official Roblox Website.

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