Grand Theft Auto has been wowing gamers and disturbing right-wing pundits since 1997. Some of these games are much more memorable than others, though.

These are the five best GTA games to date. We sincerely hope you've played them all by now. GTA Chinatown Wars
5. GTA: Chinatown Wars
Many console franchises simply don't work on handheld devices. The developers have to cut or reduce standard features to make the usual formula into a portable form. However, Chinatown Wars didn't fall into this trap. The top-down camera may lead you to believe this is a dumbed-down GTA game but it features all of the exploration, side missions and criminal mayhem of its console counterparts.

On top of all that, Chinatown Wars actually improved on the series formula in a few ways. It allowed players to finally replay missions - a desirable feature considering how well-designed many of the game's moments were. If they died halfway through it, they could restart at checkpoints. Players were also able to buy guns through a website instead of being forced to drive across town to Ammu-Nation. In addition to being a great game, Chinatown Wars ended up being a testbed for now-standard features in the series.

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