5 Fantasy Reasons Why Nintendo Should Buy Capcom

A lot of people have been clamoring to beg Nintendo to purchase Capcom. In fact, Nintendo asked gamers what are the top five games they would like to see made for the Wii U, and one of the top answers given was that Nintendo should just dip into their piggy bank and purchase Capcom.

The reason so many gamers are constantly egging Nintendo on to buy out Capcom is because the company is struggling and recently opened up for a potential buyer. Gamers became terribly excited at the possibility and immediately went to Nintendo to ask them if they would buy up Capcom.

A few things gamers might really want out of the buyout would be Nintendo's acquisition of Capcom's IP. This certainly opens up some neat possibilities, including a few reasons why Nintendo might want to look into the option. So here's a few fantasy reasons as to why Nintendo should buy Capcom.

New Mega Man Games

One of the things that gamers have been begging for from Capcom is a new Mega Man title. The company has been extremely reticent about any sort of forward momentum with the Blue Bomber. However, Nintendo has shown great interest in the classic Mega Man that used to grace Nintendo's platforms in the early days of the NES.

Nintendo has requested Mega Man join the latest Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U, and unlike his showing in Street Fighter X Tekken, the classic Blue Bomber is featured in the upcoming Wii U exclusive, meaning that Nintendo is showing great respect for the classic Mega Man. They could easily pick up the mantle and make a new Mega Man Legends, or something completely unique on the line of Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario 3D World. The possibilities of Mega Man and Nintendo are practically endless.

Phoenix Wright Is A Perfect Fit For Nintendo

He's already made headway on Nintendo's devices and become widely popular as a hero in the mobile gaming space. Why not take it a step further and become a legendary exclusive IP of the illustrious Nintendo family? Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games are usually celebrated for their gripping tales and unique take on adventure point-and-click gameplay... Nintendo could do some really interesting things with the property on more than just their mobile devices.

Instead of being relegated to mobile or digital download outings, we could see Wright and crew in a full-fledged adventure title on something like the Wii U. Being able to manage cases and other clues utilizing the GamePad (or whatever future device Nintendo comes out with on their home console) would help elevate the series to even greater heights than what it's currently already doing. That's not to mention that the Phoenix Wright series has already gained majority of its popularity due to Nintendo's platforms. What's it worth to take it a step further?

Street Fighter Vs Smash Bros? Yes!

With Capcom's IP comes an amazing possibility of crossover games, including something that could really help flesh out the overall appeal of all properties involved: Street Fighter Vs Smash Bros. Capcom helped carve out a dominate stronghold on the fighting game genre with a number of crossover titles with renown brands such as SNK, Marvel and even Namco. Taking this concept with Capcom's famed fighting series with Nintendo's own Smash Bros could help invigorate the FGC scene with the kind of thrilling injection of excitement and thrills the likes of which no one could imagine.

The idea that Nintendo could keep the Street Fighter series going in its traditional form, but also experiment with crossover fighting games could easily make Nintendo's platforms the prime-time nucleus for fighting game aficionados. That's not to mention, could you imagine what a Street Fighter Vs Smash Bros game might look like? The imagination can run wild with ideas.

Captain Commando X Captain Falcon Game

Now here's something that's completely off the blocks but could be something that sends core fans into a frenzy. A third-person action-racing game that sees Capcom's highly underutilized Captain Commando teaming (or going against) Captain Falcon from F-Zero? Could you imagine the thrills a game like this could provide?

A game where you hop into Falcon's Blue Falcon or Falcon Flyer and venture around capturing bounties at ridiculously high-speeds while also having on-foot battle segments that mirror the beat-'em-up fighting mechanics from Captain Commando and his crew... how awesome would that be? Imagine it like a cross between Madworld and the motorcycle segments from El Shaddai. It's a pretty far-fetched concept but it's not like we haven't seen Nintendo head into territory like this with games such as The Wonderful 101 or Sin & Punishment, so it's a long shot... but a possible long shot.

Enough Brands To Fill Out The Gaps

Capcom has plenty of other titles in their wings that help make the company what it is. But lately they've been misusing those brands in pretty miserable ways. If Nintendo could get their hands on Capcom's IP, we could see the proper return of highly lauded but poorly managed properties such as Okami... a game that had a hard time finding its own audience. And with Nintendo giving Platinum Games free reign with Bayonetta 2, they could put Devil May Cry back on track after the poorly received outing by Ninja Theory.

Let's also not forget that Resident Evil could easily return to its horror roots while also offering something unique and new in the gameplay department, giving gamers a return to form for a series that has vastly departed from its ways. The same could also be said of Lost Planet. And let's also not forget Monster Hunter... all these games could find development cycles in between major first-party releases from Nintendo, in order to help flesh out the dry spells during thin quarters (something that dearly hurt the Wii U in the first half of 2013). Nintendo could easily get back to the top and stay there with Capcom's illustrious library of properties.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.