So if you didn't already know, a new patch was released for Street Fighter X Tekken. The patch, 1.04, was to resolve a number of minor glitches and add a couple of that extra disc-locked content to the in-game stash. However, instead, the patch created a bug that literally freezes the entire game.

In response to the issue, which involves the game completely freezing when any projectile collides with Rolento, Ibuki or Cody's knives, Eventhubs is reporting that Capcom issued an apology on the Japanese Unity website.

You can check out the response below which had the pleasure of being butchered in a Babel Fish process by Google translate...
From this update, we have confirmed the fatal defect by some character. Currently carried out to identify the cause, is being prepared to allow corrective action as soon as possible.

For patch is scheduled in mid-June can prepare.

Everyone, but I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, please wait for a while now.

And, as has already announced, even on the official site, I love ramen cup is also a Sun and Wang Qing big "collaboration" campaign has been decided!

Yeah I don't even know what that last part about ramen noodles has to do with anything but at least Capcom producer Tomoaki Ayano is truly sorry about the game-breaking bug.

What's more is that RipTen is reporting that CEO Tournament organizers are considering banning Rolento from the tournaments altogether. Capcom puts a mid-June target window for the release of the next patch, however the tournament will take place between June 15th and June 17th.

CEO Tournament organizer Alex Jebailey commented that...
“If Capcom doesn’t fix the Rolento Game Breaking Bug before CEO I would seriously consider banning Rolento. No other fix in my opinion.”

“Hard to tell a player to NOT throw a projectile, I’d rather not have a decision to make in game while playing.”

“In case the SfxT rolento fix patch isn’t out or date announced by June 1st(b4ceo), I’ll make a decision then. Either revert to 1.0 or ban RO”

So much fail.

Given the $40,000 per patch fee that console manufacturers dump onto publishers, as well as the extensive certification process (which is baffling how the last patch was certified even though it broke the game) Capcom won't be able to rush out a new patch all that quickly.

I would almost feel sorry for Capcom had they not stuck a pole up their own butt, shot themselves in the foot, broke their own arms and then decided to scoot home on the pole, all while crying about it along the way. Of course suffering will ensue.

I don't think it's even necessary to recall all the troubles of Street Fighter X Tekken, but PC gamers are also eagerly awaiting a patch for the game as well, which launched with all the day-one bugs from the Xbox 360 version.

Stay classy, Capcom.

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