The Elder Scrolls series has taken us to many interesting locations, such as the snowy mountains of Skyrim and the bleak Ashlands of Morrowind. Still, we've only seen a fraction of the world these games take place in.

Here are five locations we would love to explore in Elder Scrolls 6. They don't need to be the central setting of the game and in fact, some of them might not be able to carry a game on their own. However, they're all exotic locations that could offer the sort of epic adventures we've come to expect from the series.

Skyrim introduced players to the Aldmeri Dominion, a powerful empire of elves that now dominates the continent of Tamriel. Players never got the chance to take the Dominion down in that game because they were busy saving the world from a giant dragon. However, it's hard to imagine a better villain for a new Elder Scrolls game than a bunch of racist, arrogant elves bent on world domination. A great place for players to confront the Dominion would be Hammerfell, the region that kept fighting the elves long after the Empire had signed a peace treaty with them.

Hammerfell's an interesting setting even aside from their fight with the Dominion. The region's long been divided between two warring factions, the Forebears and Crowns. It's a diverse region with deserts, grasslands and mountain ranges along with plenty of cities. In short, it sounds like a great place for players to explore for dozens of hours.

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