Riot recently released Frequencies, a documentary about the team that creates League of Legends's music. The behind-the-scenes video introduces Christian Linke and the other composers, who not only create the in-game music but also special projects like the "Get Jinxed" music video.

Cinema Blend had the chance to speak with Caleb Slain, the director of the documentary. His previous work includes short films like Welcome to the End of the World and The Lost and Found Shop. Though he's been a gamer since he was little, this is the first time he's made a film based on that passion.

During our free-ranging discussion, we talked about the creation of the documentary, hopes for the Halo movie and, of course, fire ants.

When Riot contacted Caleb about the documentary, he was running from fire ants.
Riot Games first became aware of Caleb Slain when they saw his documentary Juggle & Cut. At the time, he was out in southern India with his brother and "trying to escape a coastal mountain full of fire ants and aggro monkeys," which he assures me isn't an exaggeration.

At first, Caleb and the crew thought they would be making just a 10-minute documentary about League of Legends' music. However, the project soon grew in scope.

"We played with lens abstractions, I dolly gripped a lot, and slowly we got in this zone where the story of these composers began finding us. The principles of creativity espoused by Christian and the gang—exploration, honesty, no preconceived message or objectives—began influencing the ways in which we told their story. It was an amazing feedback loop you could say.

"After 15 days of shooting, we didn't know what it all added up to, but everyone felt pretty certain it was more than a little [behind-the-scenes] video."

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