The Minecraft meets Team Fortress first-person shooter-builder, Ace of Spades, has recently been updated with some brand new content. The game has received some pretty cool updates in the form of gangster-themed content, including a Tommy gun, snub nosed pistol a crowbar and a Molotov cocktail.

The content doesn't just end with a new character class and weapons, there have been other additions to the game as well, as outlined in the press release...
...included in this DLC are two new game modes designed to recreate a 1920s gangster atmosphere. The first, Territories, sees players fighting to control different parts of the map, with the goal of taking control of the City. The second mode, VIP, introduces two new boss characters who need to be protected by their respective gangs whilst attempting to take out the enemy mark.

This mode is actually pretty cool, as two teams fighting to kill the other VIP will also run into the added tension when a VIP dies. Once that team's boss bites the dust the entire team enters sudden death mode and they'll only have one left and no respawns. To add to the tension the team's life will slowly dwindle down, meaning that you either have to crank up the heat and go Commando, Rambo, John McClane on their candy-arses or you end up six feet under with your VIP.

Ace of Spades is currently available right now along with the new St. Valentine's Day Massacre DLC, which you can grab for $4.99. As an added bonus, the DLC is currently 20% off on Steam right now, so it's not a bad idea to grab it if you really enjoy the game.

You can check out a list of the game's newest content below or visit the Official Website for more information.

· 6 new character skins
· 1 new character class
· 4 new weapons - Tommy Gun, Snub Nosed Pistol, Crowbar and Molotov Cocktail
· 2 new maps (Chicago and Alcatraz)
· 2 game modes(VIP and Territories)

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