Spicy Horse Games' indie project, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, has recently been added to Kickstarter. What's more is that the game has also headed into open beta, giving gamers a chance to play-test the game that they're helping fund by the crowd-source site. In addition to announcing the open beta Spicy Horse also unveiled new locations for the game, too.

The open beta is a little bit different from other open betas for most other online games. Usually open betas are for games that are about 90% complete, but in this case they're using the open beta the way most other traditional games use a closed beta: for stress testing and major bug fixing. The difference is that they're leaving the door open for the community to create a strong developer-gamer bond.

As stated in the official press release...
Based on the Little Red Riding Hood story combined with Japanese folklore and myth, and illustrated in Spicy Horse's unique dark fantasy style, "Akaneiro: Demon Hunters" is an action-RPG that lets players hunt legendary monsters in Edo-era Japan.

The open beta will include new developments such as advanced character training, weapon improvements, and the still-under-development Shivering Pines, which brings a new environment style to the game along with a new tribe of imps wielding frost magic.

The game has been receiving quite a bit of praise for its unique take on the action-RPG or ARPG genre and Spicy Horse's vision of the game seems to be coming together quite nicely. The weapons, character customization and combat all look exhaustively addictive and the compelling art-style is bound to at least keep gamers visually appealed to the title.

You can sign-up to participate in the beta right now by visiting the Official Website or learn more about contributing to the project by visiting the Kickstarter Page.

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