Beenox has thought of some surprisingly good pre-order bonuses for the Amazing Spider-Man video game. Retailers won't just be offering you alternate costumes. Instead, they'll give customers new missions starring characters other than Spider-Man.

GameStop pre-order customers will get access to the Rhino Challenge. In this timed event, players take on the role of supervillain Rhino and wreak havoc in Manhattan. You'll be scored based on how much destruction you sow.

Purchasing the game at Best Buy, meanwhile, will earn you the rumored Stan Lee DLC. Players step into the shoes of the Spider-Man creator and race around Manhattan collecting pages of his latest script. The end of the mission will contain some sort of surprise related to Spider-Man's 50th anniversary.

Again, I'm kind of surprised at how distinct and meaty these pre-order bonuses are. I get the feeling they won't remain exclusive to pre-order customers. Everyone else will probably get access to this content later down the road, thought they'll probably have to shell out extra money.

Amazing Spider-Man, an epilogue to the events in the upcoming film of the same name, will arrive in June. It'll be available on the 3DS, DS, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. Note, though, that the DLC bonuses outlined here will only be unlockable on the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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