Amazon Limiting Multiple Xbox One Purchases?

So you want the latest game console? You want the newest home media monster entertainment device that brings the new generation of digital interactivity to you right before Christmas? Well, if you have plans on ordering more than one Xbox One unit, you might run into a little problem that some users are running into.

Just recently, Cinema Blend owner and publisher, Josh Tyler, tried using Amazon to purchase multiple Xbox One units, and ran into this little problem below...

This isn't the first time this sort of limitation has been employed by Amazon. Many years ago, there was a post on the Amazon forums about purchases being limited based on trying to buy multiple, high-demand items, especially when the Xbox 360's points cards were a hot ticket item, as noted by a user on the Amazon forums.

Additionally, this isn't just limited to the Xbox brand; a user over on GameFaqs also noted that when trying to purchase multiple copies of Battlefield 4 for the PS4, he was also given the error message that the item was available in limited quantities, hence the total order amount was altered.

Users also have been noting this issue on forums as well, such as Slick Deals where a user posted a diaphanous but apparent message, noting that the Amazon purchasing limit was well in effect.

The thing is, in the case of Josh's situation with trying to get his hands on multiple Xbox One units, he was able to create a new account and was able to purchase multiple consoles without any problems. On his original account, however, the limitation was still in effect.

We reached out to Amazon's sales department to find out what exactly was going on and why some users are being limited in the amount of consoles they can purchase, especially given that there's nothing on the Xbox One's purchase page that indicates that the system is limited to 'X' amount of units per household. So what's up?

Well, previously Microsoft's Edelman reps sent out a quote from Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi, the Corporate Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, who had mentioned that Xbox One units were sold out around the world (sans a quote of actual numerical statistics). Is it possible this "sold out" state could be affecting how many units customers are able to purchase from online retailers?

It could be that some suppliers are either artificially limiting quantities to deter flipping, or the product makers (i.e., Microsoft, Sony, EA, etc.,) are attempting to raise prestige by keeping suppliers from allowing certain amounts of product from being sold to a single customer. The last option, of course, is that it's a glitch in the system; but given the high demand for the PS4 and Xbox One – especially following the admission from Sony that they may not have enough SKUs available until after Christmas – it's potentially possible that there's some supply-control being put into place.

Is this a first-world problem? Most definitely. Is it still a problem? Most definitely.

We'll update the article if Amazon decides to respond.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.