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Today digital game shop Good Old Games added the role-playing game Anachronox to its library. Anachronox, unappreciated in its time, can now be yours for $5.99.

"Welcome to Anachronox, an abandoned alien city planet at the centre of the universe, now home to lowlifes, thieves, and scoundrels," reads GOG's listing for the game. "Here we join Sylvester 'Sly Boots' Bucelli--a down on his luck PI--and a cast of 6 other unlikely heroes on their quest to discover who or what is trying to destroy the universe. They are the only ones that believe it is happening, and the only ones that can do something about it."

Anachronox felt a lot like Chrono Trigger. Combat was turn-based but there were no random encounters. Characters could unleash special attacks once their energy bars filled up. The story of Anachronox had a much more irreverent tone, though. Your teammates included an alcoholic super hero, a foul-mouthed robot, and a miniaturized planet.

In spite of solid mechanics and an often-hilarious story, Anachronox mostly went unnoticed. It was released by Ion Storm Dallas around the time the studio was going belly up so it was buggy and undermarketed. Fortunately it developed enough of a cult following for GOG to consider it for their library.

Like other GOG titles, Anachronox has been optimized for Windows XP, Vista and 7. It comes with a digital manual as well.

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