Sega and Platinum Games have finally announced a U.S. release date for four-player battle game, Anarchy Reigns. We'll all be able to start kicking the crap out of one another in grand style beginning Jan. 8.

Fighting games in general have made something of a resurgence over these past couple of years with brand new IPs, long-awaited sequels and HD remakes of fighting classics popping up every month or so. It makes sense, then, that a smaller niche of that genre, the four-player brawler, would also be given another chance to snap up some of the lime light.

If you've ever played the Power Stone series, or even Super Smash Bros. or the upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale then you've got the basic idea of what the four-player brawler has to offer. Up to four players jump into an arena and go to town on one another. There are usually environmental traps and helpful spawning items to mix things up but, at its core, the object is to dish out the most damage to your opponents.

Anarchy Reigns continues that melee tradition, wrapped up in a slightly more violent, sexy and over-the-top package than genre fans may be used to.

As that massive trailer shows off, Anarchy Reigns offers more than the four-player tussle brawlers typically offer. Players can compete in 2 vs. 2 match-ups and team battles, as well as some unique offerings like capture the flag and a hyper-violent version of soccer.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Anarchy Reigns, though, is the price. It'll set you back just $29.99 when the game finally arrives on U.S. shelves come Jan. 8.

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