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You know those awesome Greek vase paintings you see outlined with lots of clay hues and black coloring for objects and characters? Well imagine if those were brought to life and they were as violent as the images often depicted. If you can't imagine it, don't worry about it because a new trailer brings those images to life for you.

AlienTrap's side-scrolling platformer is a violent take on Greek art, giving gamers a neat view of what live-action paintings from that era would look like in motion.

The thing that really helps Apotheon stand out is how dynamic everything else. It reminds me of Sega's Spartan and Santa Monica Studios' God of War turned 2D and given a visual makeover. Check it out in the trailer below.

The game not only houses a gory and satisfyingly violent single-player mode, but there's also a multiplayer deathmatch mode as well. Very interesting and I'd like to see how that plays out.

I'm glad the game also has some epic looking boss fights. It seems like newer games don't really pay respect to boss fights the way older games used to...well, at least God of War games still takes boss fights seriously.

You can look for Apotheon to launch in 2013 for Steam. I must say, I'm really loving that art-style. You can learn more by paying a kind visit to the game's Official Website.

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