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BMW Unveils $300 PC Chassis That Looks Like It Comes From The Future

How much do you usually pay for a PC chassis? Maybe $30? Maybe $50? Maybe even $100? Well, that's petty compared to what BMW, yes BMW, has in store for you when it comes to the ultimate in stylized custom PC hardware. The brand new Level 10 Limited Edition PC chassis goes for a whopping $300.

ThermalTake and BMW Group Designworks USA have teamed up together to bring PC enthusiasts (which means mostly gamers) the slick new chassis that sports USB 3.0 speeds, exposed vertical heatsink and a smart-lock security system.

As stated on the official site...

The Level 10 Gaming Station enables the gamer in a unique way to experience the power of his high performance equipment and increases the usability through an innovative direct access concept. Designed as an Open Compartment Architecture (O.C.A.) with all individually encased system components exposed, all elements are visible and can easily be added or removed. These appear within the overall design in the form of an open modular structure that visually appeals to users, offering them additional functional benefits.

The whole thing looks crazy. I've never seen a chassis quite like that before. It's hard for me to process where everything goes exactly and how it would work without the cords hanging out all over the place and what not. Maybe they should have released a YouTube debut video instead of just tossing out some specs and some screenshots.

Nevertheless, if you'd like to get a better look at this thing feel free to scope out the screenshots that Airborne Gamer has of the Level 10 Limited Edition in action. You can also ogle and “aw” at the new chassis over at the Official ThermalTake Website.

Whether it's worth the $300 or not is well up for debate but the Level 10 Limited Edition definitely looks like an awesome chassis in which to store your PC components.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.